TRACY WOOD: In "Spies, Lovers and Prisoners of War," Tracy Wood recalls her tour of duty for United Press International– the wild helicopter ride taking fire over DMZ territory, the attack on Highway 1’s Ambush Alley ("I lost all sensation, including fear. I saw nothing of what the others in the jeep were doing. I felt nothing, not even the jarring crash of the jeep’s wheels slamming through potholes. I heard no sounds, not the rush of wind through the open jeep, not the racket of combat, not the shouts of my compatriots. Only curiosity remained. My eyes took in every detail of those mesmerizing puffs of dirt."), falling in love, the fierce competition between UPI and the AP, which even extended to stealing telephone mouthpieces, and being the only U.S. reporter with a visa to cover the release of American POWs. "They had no identity….These men weren’t men like I had ever known. This was primitive survival. If you’ve never seen humans like this, I hope you never do."

Tracy Wood, the only woman ever elected president of the Association of Foreign Correspondents in Vietnam, later was an investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times and investigations editor of the Orange County Register. She is currently Investigations Editor at Ms. magazine.

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