KATE WEBB: In "Highpockets," Kate Webb, one of the finest combat correspondents of the Vietnam War, who was United Press International’s Cambodia bureau chief, writes of the emotional and psychological toll of seeing friends die, covering assignments that too often turned tragic, her harrowing ordeal as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese ("Every detail and smell of those nights and days – the nights walking from dusk to dawn and the days often crammed stifling in bunkers – is etched in my memory…. As strange as being a prisoner is, coming out, something I have not until now tried to write about, is traumatic."), and the devastation of the killing fields, as they came to be known. After Cambodia, she has covered India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, the Philippines, East Timor and Indonesia for AFP.

Kate Webb worked for UPI for ten years. She has written for The Economist and Business Week and for the last thirteen years was a correspondent for Agence France-Presse based in Southeast Asia. She retired from journalism in 2001.