LAURA PALMER: In "Mystery is the Precinct Where I Found Peace," Laura Palmer writes about her naiveté during her early days in Saigon – mistaking bombings for thunder and the finger bowl for chilled soup -- where she ultimately found work in radio for both ABC and NBC and freelancing for Time and Rolling Stone. She shares her memories of covering the Christmas bombing of Hanoi, her disturbing interviews with some of the last combat soldiers in-country ("Those interviews plunged me into the coldest chambers of war’s sadistic heart. Until that afternoon, I never knew there was more than one way to die in Vietnam. You could die fast, or you could die slow. After endless nights, who can be blamed for finally befriending the dark?"), touring An Loc with South Vietnamese General Minh and the evacuation of Saigon. "Nothing was going to prevent me from getting on a helicopter. If people started fighting, I would fight, too. If people started killing, I would kill, too. I was prepared to do anything, except die."

Laura Palmer is the author of three books, including Shrapnel in the Heart, and is an independent television producer who works primarily for "Nightline" in New York City.

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