ANNE MORRISSY MERICK: In "My Love Affair with Vietnam," veteran ABC News producer Anne Morrissy, who specialized in political coverage, reveals that she was not prepared for Saigon in 1967. She shares her memories of covering "Two Bits," one of the forward base camps, experiencing rocket and mortar attacks at Cu Chi, traveling with a long-range reconnaissance patrol (a small team of five men inserted into enemy territory for days gathering information on enemy movements), and fighting General Westmoreland’s edict that women could not cover the war from the field. She writes about meeting her husband and the difficulties of having a baby in a war zone. "She laughed at the rats that invaded our kitchen and were a continual challenge to the exterminators. She survived not having any baby food and thrived on pureed French and Vietnamese cuisine."

Anne Morrissy Merick worked in the Washington, DC area as a television producer of news and public affairs. She now divides her time between Naples, Florida and the western North Carolina mountains, with her husband Don Janicek, M.D.

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