JURATE KAZICKAS: In "These Hills Called Khe Sanh," Jurate Kazickas writes about beinga freelance reporter covering some of the most dangerous battles -- marching on long-range patrol in the hills controlled by the North Vietnamese, her disturbing visit to Con Thien ("Con Thien was my first encounter with war at its most obscene. What shook me to the core was the devastating sight of so many dead marines who had been lying in the sun for three days – their bodies bloated, their faces black as if charred by fire."), taking action to help the wounded near Dak To and being wounded herself at Khe Sanh. "Even during the months of covering battles and witnessing the carnage of war, I had avoided tears. I had convinced myself that if I broke down, it would prove that women didn’t belong in war. Now, however, I reached the limit of my emotions….The repressed sadness and weariness that had filled my soul for the last year in Vietnam suddenly surfaced in a painful flow of vivid memories."

Jurate Kazickas, a former newspaper reporter in New York and Washington, has co-authored several books on women’s history, and is now a writer living in New York with her husband and three children.

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