ANN BRYAN MARIANO: In "Vietnam is Where I Found My Family," Ann Bryan writes about opening a Vietnam bureau of the Overseas Weekly, meeting her husband, adopting two Vietnamese children ("In the anguish of war, I found lasting love.") and about her dramatic return to Vietnam to evacuate friends ("Words can’t capture the intensity of the feelings, sadness, relief, and the overwhelming sense of loss. I was able to help Kien and Vuong, but what about the thousands of others."). After befriending Sister Robert Tron, who ran a Saigon orphanage, Ann assisted in the adoption of countless Vietnamese children and shares her emotional journey back to Vietnam with her adopted daughter Mai who struggles with her cultural identity. Mariano also writes candidly about her own struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. "Alzheimer’s disease blows through my memory like wind through a Buddhist sand painting. Vietnam is still the most beautiful country I have ever seen. But images once so fixed in my mid are now dancing ghosts."

Ann Bryan Mariano retired from The Washington Post as a reporter in 1996. A devoted grandmother, she and her husband, Bob McKay, live in Boston.