War Torn

By Tad Bartimus, Denby Fawcett, Jurate Kazickas, Edith Lederer, Ann Bryan Mariano, Anne Morrissy Merick, Laura Palmer, Kate Webb, Tracy Wood

In WAR TORN: Stories of War from the Women Reporters Who Covered Vietnam (Random House; on-sale date: August 20, 2002; publication date: August 27, 2002; $24.95), the women who made journalism history speak candidly about their professional and deeply personal experiences as young reporters and the defining moments that changed their lives forever.

While thousands of American women came of age during the Vietnam War, only a handful came of age in Vietnam itself. They were young, gutsy risk-takers who saw firsthand what most Americans knew only from their morning newspapers or the evening news. To get the story, they experienced both the adventure and devastation of the field –walking point, facing enemy fire, witnessing the deaths of countless soldiers and friends –and the decadent nightlife of Saigon. They impacted everyone around them including, the soldiers they met and lived with in the field, the orphan children in the streets, and their fellow journalists and photographers. It was not only dangerous – one was wounded and one was captured by the North Vietnamese – but the emotional challenges they faced as they covered the biggest story of their generation were uniquely rewarding as well.